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3rd Jun 2020

#11 – Angie Duong, Manager, People & Culture at Avanti

Nikki’s guest is Angie Duong, Manager, People and Culture at Avanti Software Inc., makers of cloud-based, HR solutions that help to recruit manage and retain employees. During COVID-19, Angie has been busy facilitating ways to be sure her team stays connected. These include increasing the cadence of CEO-led “all hands on deck” meetings (often focusing on gratitude), and innovative activities like “5 in 5,” a cool activity where people use five slides and talk about themselves for five minutes. Great idea! Angie and her team have been pleased to see the viability of hiring people virtually (Avanti hasn’t stopped hiring in the WFH era) as well as conducting successful virtual training sessions. Angie says Avanti plans to carry over many of these new practices and activities once things get back to “normal.” Listen to the podcast to get more great tips from Angie.     

Watch the video podcast: https://youtu.be/nj8ZsjYXd-Q

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