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25th Jun 2020

#14 – David Zinger, Professional Speaker and Employee Engagement Expert

Nikki’s guest is David Zinger, a leading employee engagement speaker, educator, and community builder. David has over 24,000 hours’ experience working in employee engagement in over eight countries and has taught education and counselling at the University of Manitoba for over 20 years. Among many topics, David talks about how to make well-being and employee engagement programs authentic. And, drawing on his background in psychology, he discusses workplace place anxiety and the complexity and ambiguity facing leaders striving to create safe workplaces during the current climate. If you want to hear from one of the industry's best, this is the episode for you!

Check out the video podcast here: https://youtu.be/C0bc6r5z_jM

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About Kudos: Kudos is a private social network that allows you to connect your team to your company and one another through peer-to-peer recognition and enhanced communication. The Kudos system can also help you communicate your brand, connect your team to your culture and reinforce your values. These are the essential elements for creating a foundation for employee engagement.”